Online beginners course

How do you order your coffee in Dutch? What is life like in a typical Dutch city? The Delft Dutch Course for Beginners will help you in your first steps learning Dutch and give you a head start getting around in the Netherlands. 
You are going to learn the language by following the daily life of Maria, an Argentinian student who lives in Delft. 

Enrol for this six week self-study course with many active exercises, speaking and writing assignments and interactive videos explaining basic constructions of the language! It will take you 8 – 10 hours to go through the course material each week. A basic knowledge of the English language is required for this course. You can follow this course for free, no costs are charged. On the registration form you do need to agree to our standard payment conditions. Employees can note “Mooc” at the required Baancode. 

Developed by teachers at the Delft University of Technology (TU), the course is based on the principles of the Delft Method, a language learning method that has proven effective over many years.

Learn the most frequent words, everyday phrases, and the basics of Dutch grammar and pronunciation. Gain the confidence to speak Dutch in real life!

The Delft Dutch online course for Beginners is a short introduction to the Dutch language. In this course you will learn approximately 300 words and you will obtain a basic knowledge of the Dutch language.