Make sure to arrange your accommodation before arriving in the Netherlands, as you are officially required to register a valid Dutch address within 5 days after arrival in the Netherlands. Registering a valid Dutch address at the local municipality is a legal obligation for all who intend to stay in the Netherlands for 4 months or more, irrespective of nationality or purpose of stay. A valid and registered address allows you to obtain a BSN (Citizen Service Number), which is needed to interact with Dutch authorities.

TU Delft suggests three ways to arrange accommodation. See below for information on each of these options.


  • Considering the difficult housing market, TU Delft advises you to consider re-applying for next year if you cannot secure an accommodation before the start of your study programme.
  • For Non-EU/EFTA nationals being registered is a requirement for maintaining their Residence Permit for Study.
  • Please be aware of rental frauds (more information).