Information for incoming international students

Make sure to arrange your accommodation before arriving in the Netherlands, as you are officially required to register a valid Dutch address within 5 days after arrival in the Netherlands. Registering a valid Dutch address at the local municipality is a legal obligation for all who intend to stay in the Netherlands for 4 months or more, irrespective of nationality or purpose of stay. A valid and registered address allows you to obtain a BSN (Citizen Service Number), which is needed to interact with Dutch authorities and opening a Dutch bank account.

You can obtain a BSN by registering at the Municipality of the city your valid Dutch address is located.

TU Delft suggests three ways to arrange accommodation. See below for information on each of these options.

Finding a room

It is very difficult to find a room in Delft and its surroundings. This is due to a shortage of housing in The Netherlands, specially student rooms.

We strongly advise against travel to TU Delft if you have not arranged housing in The Netherlands before the start of your study programme.


All rooms are fully booked for the 1st semester 2023-2024.

The housing reservation platform for the 2nd semester 2023-2024 will open mid-December 2023 (for international students starting their program in the second semester). The exact dates will be announced here at the end of November 2023.