Introduction period

If you are a new student at TU Delft for the coming academic year, TU Delft strongly advises you to participate in the introduction programmes to get to know more about the university, the city of Delft, and student life. 

For Master, Exchange and Bridging students

The Introduction Programme will take place on the 8 + 9 February 2023.  Information about the faculty introductions would follow soon. Currently we are working on giving you a warm welcome. 

Read more about the Introduction Programme for Master, Exchange and Bridging students.

For Bachelor students

Pre-OWee (for international BSc students online)                                 20 May 13:00-15:00 ECTS

Ladies Intro                                                                                            7 juni

Freshman weekends (EJW’s) per BSc study                                         August
*See the overview for more info per BSc study

Bachelor introduction week (OntvangstWeek = OWee)                        21-25 August 


For Master, Bridging and Exchange students

Master and Exchange introduction week (Introduction Programme)     19, 22-25 August
Faculty Introductions (per faculty)                                                          Info will follow a.s.a.p.

International students

As an international student you will need to arrange some formal and/or practical matters, known as Registration.

You will have the opportunity to arrange most of these matters quickly, and mostly online, before you start your studies. You will receive more information before August.