Preparation: Courses en Summer School

Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs)

A MOOC is an online course which is open to anyone with access to the Internet. TU Delft offers MOOCs on many different subjects. You will surely find a topic that interests you. Are you curious? Have a look at this page to see which which courses will start soon.

MOOCs have been developed especially for students in VWO 6 to prepare them for studying at a technical university. See highlighted below:

MOOC: Pre-University Calculus

Do you want to boost your math skills before you start your studies? Then the MOOC: Pre-University Calculus is made for you! The ins and outs of functions, equations, differentiation and integration are explained again, so that you can start well prepared in Delft.

MOOC: Pre-University Physics

Are you going to start a programme in the coming academic year in which knowledge of physics plays a major role? The MOOC: Pre-University Physics gives a new perspective on what you learned at secondary school and gives you an insight into the way the university works. This is how you make a good start!

MOOC: Pre-University Chemistry

Get started with the university approach to chemistry. The MOOC Pre-University Chemistry has been developed for prospective students to give you a smooth start in the first year of the bachelor.

TU Delft Mathematics Summer School

The TU Delft summer school offers an incredible opportunity to develop your mathematical skills, explore new mathematical concepts, and review topics seen in high school to set you up for success in your studies.