Neighbouring Municipalities

Since Delft is a relatively small city, neighbouring municipalities can provide good alternatives for accommodation. Rijswijk, The Hague, Schiedam, and Rotterdam are popular municipalities for TU Delft students. The municipalities mentioned below are within reasonable travel distance from campus:

  • Delfgauw - village bordering Delft; approximately 10 minutes by bike and/or public transport
  • Den Hoorn - village bordering Delft; approximately 20 minutes by bike and/or public transport
  • Pijnacker - within 20 minutes by bike and/or public transport
  • Schipluiden - within 30 minutes by bike and/or public transport
  • Nootdorp - within 30 minutes by bike and/or public transport
  • Rijswijk - within 30 minutes by bike and/or public transport
  • Schiedam - approximately 40 minutes by bike and/or public transport
  • Many locations in the south of The Hague and the north of Rotterdam are within 30 minutes distance commuting from TU Delft Campus.


Rijswijk is a municipality bordering Delft. The shopping mall 'In de Bogaard' is located near the Rijswijk train station; smaller shops are located in the old town center (Herenstraat). The town has an old windmill (Schaapweimolen), the Wilhelmina park, and a petting zoo inside the Von Fisenne park. Rijswijk also has a Sports park ‘De Schilp’ with an indoor swimming pool and a town museum. Click here to get an impression of Rijswijk. The campus, city centre of Delft, and city centre of The Hague are within a 25 minutes travel distance by bike and 20 minutes travel distance by public transport.

The Hague

In Den Haag or The Hague is the seat of the Dutch government. Delft is located southern to The Hague. The Hague is a multi-cultural and international city with great places to visit. In the city centre there is a variety of shops. There are many restaurants and food shops with different cuisines. Compared to Delft, the accommodations in The Hague in general are slightly more expensive. There is a direct tram line between The Hague and Delft if you decide to commute by public transport. The same line runs to the beach in Scheveningen. Click here to discover the Hague.


Schiedam is a small municipality in the province of South Holland, located between Delft and Rotterdam. Schiedam is well known for its jenever; it has a museum where you can taste different types of Jenever and tour the distillery. The city has a historical centre and is home to the tallest windmills in the world. By bike you can be in the city centre of Rotterdam within 10 minutes. Click here for an aerial view of Schiedam.


Rotterdam is the second largest city of The Netherlands. Accommodations in Rotterdam seem slightly more affordable in comparison to Delft. Northern part of Rotterdam is close to Delft. There is a direct bus line from Rotterdam central station to campus. Cycling to Delft can take you up to 30 minutes or more depending on your location. Click here to explore Rotterdam.