Do I need a Residence Permit and/or Visa?

If you hold a non-EU/non-EFTA nationality you will need a Residence Permit for Study. Whether or not you also need a MVV Visa to enter the Netherlands depends on your nationality. 

MVV Visa

The MVV Visa is a document that both allows you to enter the Netherlands and stay legally for a duration of 90 days.

All non-EU nationals need a MVV Visa to enter the Netherlands, except EU/EFTA nationals and nationals from South Korea, Australia, Canada, Japan, Monaco, New Zealand, USA, Vatican City. The exempted countries can enter the Netherlands without a MVV Visa.

If a non-EU/EFTA national holds a valid Residence Permit for another European country in the Schengen area, which is valid at least till the day of arrival in the Netherlands, a MVV Visa is not needed to enter the Netherlands.

Residence Permit for Study

The Dutch Residence Permit for Study allows you to reside legally in The Netherlands during your studies.

All (prospective) TU Delft students with a non-EU/EFTA nationality need a Dutch Residence Permit for Study to be able to study in The Netherlands.

EU/EFTA nationals do not need a Residence Permit for Study.

Please note: it is not possible to change a Dutch tourist visa (category C visa), another non-Dutch visa, or a valid Residence Permit of another European country in the Schengen area into a Dutch Residence Permit for Study.


TU Delft will apply on your behalf for the MVV Visa and/or Residence Permit for Study at the IND (Immigration and Naturalisation Services). It is not possible for students to apply themselves. The application for the MVV visa and Residence Permit with IND costs €171. This non-refundable application fee is part of your total payment to TU Delft as indicated in your Financial Letter.

To apply for your MVV visa and/or Residence Permit for Study please take the following steps:

  1. Submit your Confirmation Statement before the deadline as mentioned in your Admission Letter.
  2. Fill in and upload the required application documents for your MVV visa and/or Residence Permit for Study:
    1. Antecedents Certificate
    2. Declaration for Study Residence Permit
    3. Declaration of intent to undergo a TB test
      As a non-EU/EFTA student, you are required to undergo the TB test within three months after the start of your study programme, unless your nationality is stated in this list. TB test results from your home country or another country are not accepted in the Netherlands.
    4. Nuffic Certificate is required for Chinese nationals.
  3. Transfer the total amount before the deadline as mentioned in your Financial Letter. The application process can only continue after TU Delft receives the total amount.

You will receive procedural information based on your specific needs by email after the IND comes to a decision about your application.

Living Costs

Before TU Delft can apply for your MVV visa and/or Residence Permit for Study, the university needs proof that your financial resources meet the criteria laid down by the Dutch Ministry of Justice. You should be able to cover the first year’s tuition fees and all your first year’s living costs.

You will need to provide:

  1. proof that you have paid the tuition fees for the first year plus the amount required to cover living costs into TU Delft’s bank account (we will reimburse the amount for your living expenses into your Dutch bank account within a month after your arrival in Delft); or
  2. a statement from an organisation recognised by TU Delft showing you have been granted a scholarship that covers these costs.
Study progress requirements to keep your Residence Permit

TU Delft is obliged by law to monitor the study progress of students with a Dutch Residence Permit. The Modern Migration [MoMi] Policy Act concerns all Non-European students with a Residence Permit arranged by TU Delft. The validity of your Residence Permit depends on your study period.

In the event of insufficient study progress TU Delft is legally required to report this to the IND. This could eventually lead to having your Residence Permit revoked and having to leave The Netherlands. For more information about MoMi, click here.

Bringing family to the Netherlands

TU Delft only arranges MVV Visas and Residence Permits to admitted students.

If you want to bring your partner or family for a period longer than 90 days click here, and click here for a short stay of a of maximum 90 days.