Bachelor programmes

The faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science offers the following bachelor programmes:

Applied Mathematics

Whether it is accelerating wound healing, reducing traffic congestion or understanding the financial crisis, mathematical models play a major role in physical, technical and social phenomena. Mathematics is the language of technology and its applications. Applied mathematics  is related to everyday, sometimes technical, sometimes social, problems.

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Computer Science and Engineering

Self-driving cars, smartphone navigation, personalised offers based on your surfing behaviour, healthcare robots and searching through films en pictures. During the Computer Science and Engineering degree programme, you will learn how to develop software and all on data processing for the intelligent systems of today and the future. This could include medical systems, security and perhaps even the new YouTube.

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Electrical Engineering

A solar panel, a robot or an implant to help one hear again: without Electrical Engineering these things could not have been designed. This field is continuously working on or towards new developments. Electrical engineers are, in fact, the driving force behind the development of smartphones, electric cars, the latest medical equipment and much, much more.

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