High Voltage Technologies group

The High Voltage Technologies (HVT) group is responsible for research and education in the fields of High Voltage AC and DC. Both power and non-power applications are covered with voltage ranges between 1kV to 800kV.


Greening the grid with innovative insulation solutions to accelerate the energy transition.


High voltage materials and components for large-scale integration of renewables into the grid and testing for a power electronics dominated hybrid AC/DC grid.
•    Materials & Components
•    Monitoring & Diagnostics
•    Dimensioning & Testing
•    Residual life & Asset Management

The research output is applicable to different traditional and non-traditional high voltage areas. The HVT group closely cooperates with other TU Delft groups and national and international research institutes and industry.


The High Voltage Laboratory is part of the Electrical Sustainable Power Lab

The ESP lab is equipped to perform full-scale high voltage testing. The laboratory is therefore equipped with three AC transformers for 500 kV, which can be arranged in cascade to make up to 1500 kV, a 20-stage lightning impulse generator up to 4 MV and 200 kJ, and a 600 kV DC power supply.