Minimum white space

Sender of communication

White space around the logo ensures that the logo stands out better and that the sender of the communication is clearer. Therefore, white space is not a luxury but has a definite function. It offers the logo the stage it deserves.

Guidelines for other elements

For good readability and to ensure the prominence of the logo, the space around the logo must also be respected by other elements. This is why there are also guidelines that image elements (photographs, illustrations and animations) and text must follow.

Derived from the capital ā€˜Uā€™

The minimum amount of empty space around the logo is known as the white space. This space does not have to be literally white and may also be transparent.

A design element from the logo is often used to determine the minimum amount of white space. In the TU Delft corporate identity, the minimum white space is derived from the height and width of the capital ā€˜Uā€™ in the letter logo. In the example, the minimum space around the logo is shown by a light blue box.