IDE Design Master Classes

On-site AND On-line

In 2013, we launched the first series of two-day, state-of-the-art IDE Master Classes given by leading lecturers from our faculty. This successful first series was followed by equally inspiring series in the following years. We are proud to say that all the Master Classes have been well attended and evaluated positively. This has given us more than enough reason for hosting a seventh series, starting in February 2019.

In addition to 10 updated On-site Master Classes, we have introduced 5 On-line Master Classes, so you can now join us wherever you are in the Netherlands or the world. Whether your aim is to update existing knowledge, learn new concepts, and/or renew your network, at the IDE Master Classes, you learn the latest from those actively working at the forefront of Design.

Why participate in IDE Master Classes?

The IDE Master Classes programme has been developed to support the professional development of design practitioners. In groups of 10 to 16 participants, you gain insights into recent developments in the discipline, learning about the latest methods and tools currently being taught to new generations of designers. For many design practitioners, this is an extremely effective way to refine your skills, focus your ambition, or simply broaden your mind and be inspired!

Each Master Class combines theory with interactive assignments and group cases: you directly apply what you learn. This is a great way of meeting the experts and working with other experienced designers, expanding your network, and creating new opportunities. Learn from the experts as well as from each other.