Advanced Design Sketching

In product design sketching is a powerful and effective way to communicate ideas. In this Master class we will dive into the world of visual communication, showing context related cases out of industry and doing exercises to train you to improve your visual language. We will do this by traditional sketching and digital sketching. During the two day Master Class parts of the yet to release new book will be used during workshops.


What do you know about principles of ‘Gestalt’? How about visual rhetoric and visual semantic? How can you use these principles in visual design communication?

In what aspects can presentations differ and how can you ‘formulate’ your content in order to get your message delivered? In this Master Class influential visual language theories such as Rhetoric, Semantic and Gestalt (Perception Psychology) are discussed. We will address these issues within the context of product design, by presentations, pitches, workshop exercises and portfolios of leading Design Studio’s.


 In this two day Master Class you will familiarize yourself with:

  • Gestalt theory, visual Semantic and Rhetoric.
  • The impact of these theories on product design communication
  • Use design-sketching techniques within the digital workflow (Context related sketching and drawing techniques)
  • Fine tuning your visual communication in order to get your message delivered effectively.


  • Theories of Gestalt, visual Semantic and Rhetoric
  • Exclusive sneak preview of “SKETCHING, product design PRESENTATION”
  • Hands-on sketching workshops / design sketching ideation session
  • Synthesizing traditional and digital sketching techniques


Koos Eissen

Koos Eissen worked as an associate professor and head of the drawing department of Industrial Design Engineering. Many of his students are currently heading design divisions in multiple reputed automobile companies. Besides being a lecturer Koos and Roselien Steur had worldwide success with their of their books “Sketching, the basics, 2011” and “Sketching, drawing techniques for product designers, 2007”, the authors now share their insight in how to approach these different kinds of visual design communication.