IDE Master Classes in India

A design revolution is taking place in India. Because of an unprecedented increase in competition, products and services are required to have outstanding quality to survive. At the same time, there is much pressure in delivering these products within an extremely short timeframe. This directly affects your marketing strategy. As a consequence, the development of interactive products, such as web sites and apps, is meeting ever increasing demands in terms of efficiency. This change is happening worldwide. In these rough seas, design thinking prevails. Why is that?

IDE Master Classes in India

“What can we learn from successful companies”, and “How can design and branding become the new pillars for an innovation strategy in India“. “How can we a integrate design and brand management in our business model?”

These questions will be answered in a series of eight Master Classes during a two-day seminar by Industrial Design Engineering, Delft University of Technology and Brand Dialogue, a Dutch branding and design group located in Amsterdam and Mumbai. 

Branding and Design for E-commerce

Indian retail is evolving and retailers are increasingly exploring options online with many successfully making a mark in the e-commerce space. According to an E&Y report, e-commerce has grown 50% in just the last 5 years. Given the rise in the number internet users, easy availability of internet enabled devices, easy of purchases using the cash on delivery method, growing acceptance of online payment methods etc., the role of e-commerce will only grow in the future.

Design for Healthcare

Fostering and nurturing meaningful relationships with patients and other stakeholders in the healthcare sector involves its own set of unique challenges. Whether it is a multi-specialty hospital, a stand-alone physiotherapy clinic or a friendly neighbourhood dentist, the quality and consistency of services provided goes a long way in building and maintaining optimum relationships between hospitals, doctors and patients.

An overview of other Master Classes (subject to change)


  • Brand building & Positioning - Rik Riezebos (EURIB)

Design Thinking

  • Innovation strategy and design thinking – Giulia Calabretta (TU Delft)              
  • Design-driven innovation (ViP method) – Matthijs van Dijk (TU Delft)          

Innovation Portfolio

  • New products’ portfolio strategy and management
  • New services’ strategy and design


  • New product management and marketing – Erik Jan Hultink (TU Delft)
  • Retail strategy and design

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