Strategies for Sustainable Design

International companies see the move towards a sustainable world as a complex, multidisciplinary challenge. This Master Class helps you understand this thinking and the role you can play in responding to these challenges.


Participants learn how to enact successful strategies for dealing with sustainable design and engineering, such as Cradle-to-Cradle, Biomimicry and Ecodesign. Qualified experts will give guest workshops. You will apply the strategies to a product (re)design, using guidelines and toolkits  developed for this purpose. 


After following this masterclass, you will:

  • understand the techniques used in the sustainable design strategies, and their critical differences reflected in the core concepts: efficient vs. effective, cradle-to-grave vs. cradle-to-cradle, reductionist vs. holistic;
  • use the strategies for the (re)design of a product;
  • critically reflect on their strategic value for professional designers: when should which strategy be applied; what solution space do they offer; and what opportunities and barriers exist for their practical application. 


  • an overview of the major environment-related trends and the strategic responses of industry and governments. How will this affect industrial design?
  • brief introduction of sustainable design – origins, recent developments;
  • three workshops, each workshop addressing a strategy for sustainable design. We’ll explore the basic methodology and techniques behind each strategy, apply them to a product (re)design and evaluate their effectiveness;
  • plenary discussion on the strategic value of the strategies for sustainable design.