VIP | Vision in Design

Design solutions are ‘just’ a means to an end. Designers should, first and foremost, design the raison d’être of their final intervention. For this, they need to build a personal vision based on their view of a future world.


This Master Class trains professional designers and other innovation professionals in the design method ‘Vision in Design’ (ViP). ViP is a method that forces you to design the idea underlying your design in great detail, before coming to a manifestation: What exactly is it that you want people to understand, experience or do? In a series of short lectures and exercises, participants learn about the main features and design principles of the ViP process. In this way, participants experience the power of building a personal and fine-grained vision on their design work.

Learning objectives

During this master class, you will learn:

  • understand the creative potential of the design method ViP;
  • know how to build a perspective on a future world;
  • be able to execute the ViP method in any given situation;
  • look at design and innovation differently.


  • The Vision in Product design (ViP) method;
  • Theories of aesthetics, semantics, and human-product interaction as they pertain to ‘designing for effect’;
  • Framework for product design, service design, design-driven innovation and design for behavioural change.

Participants received "Vision in Product Design: Handbook for Innovators" by Paul Hekkert and Matthijs van Dijk.