Luxury by Nature Tenthome (1999)

Renée Schuffelers

Supervisory Team
Jim Hennessey
Kees Nauta
Alex Visser

De Waard Tenten
Piet de Waard
Willem van Schie

Tent company, De Waard, had a history of tent innovation. Their original Albatros model had been the first virtually stormproof tent back in 1946. By 1998, De Waard was renting out tents for organised cycle holidays. What could be their next step?

Schuffelers decided to combine the service level of a ready-made tent with the comfort of a real home. Her design featured kitchen and bathroom units, separate bedrooms, a solid floor and several outdoor terraces. Her elegant, flower-shaped dwelling allowed holiday makers to get back to nature, minus the wobbly airbeds and muddy floors.

Schuffelers’s tent was designed to be set up for the season, meaning happy campers no longer had to face assembling ‘A’ frames and hammering in tent pegs at dusk. You only had to pack your bags and go. As the term glamping didn’t appear until around 2007, this was true glamping avant la lettre.

360° Experience:

The idea of connecting people back to nature, as explored by Schuffelers, is here to stay. Traditional dwellings - from tipis to treehouses - are being reimagined and made accessible to city dwellers, divorced from nature in their daily lives.