Alliance for Sports Engineering Education (A4SEE)

Sports inspire performance, healthy habits and offer a tangible window into innovation. Sports engineering (SE) helps athletes perform better. The wide variety and possibilities of SE speak to the imagination of students worldwide, from computer scientists and industrial designers, to mechanical engineers and material scientists. The results motivate designers, engineers and athletes to keep innovating. 

European sports companies struggle in finding and keeping good people to keep innovating and remain competitive. At the same time, not enough European SE students are finding the right employment where they can help companies to add value. Often companies only realise the added value of SE when they experience it first hand, and are shown what problems SE can solve for them. 

TU Delft and its partners believe that by combining the unique scientific SE knowledge and education of top European higher education institutes with the realities of European sports companies, we can close that gap. The A4SEE project does this by jointly developing and collaborating on student courses, lifelong learning opportunities for employees, (free) online courses, and targeted internships and fellowship programmes. This creates showcases for sports innovation, and attracts and nurtures talent.

The goal of the A4SEE project is to improve long term competiveness of European sports engineering science, education and industry. Check out the central website below for more information and updates on the latest project results.