MOKKOP is a coffee- or teacup that reminds parents to think about themselves and to get in contact with other parents during hospitalization periods of their child in a subtle and unforced way. 

Goals of the project

When childhood cancer is diagnosed everyday life suddenly only focuses on the child and parents often forget about their own well-being. They sit beside the bed 24 hours a day and all they can think about is their child. It is therefore not uncommon that parents come across emotional problems at some point in the treatment. The continuous presence of the parent also decreases the development of independence of the child.

The goal is therefore to enable parents of children between 6 and 12 years old to take regular breaks (5 to 10 minutes) away from the room to stimulate them to think about their own well-being and to enable them to cope with the situation.

Graduate student

    • Josje van Beusekom