Wearable Technology for Increased Body Awareness

Wearable technologies are developing rapidly due to computer miniaturization and embedding in garments, accessories and textiles. Since these types of wearables are worn close to the body they have the potential to connect with us intimately: sensing physiological changes, communicating through the skin, having a continuous presence that can move in and out of our awareness depending on the circumstances.

Furthermore, the integration of these technologies into garments creates a more comfortable character compared to the “colder character” of wearable technologies embodied in rigid materials. Given these qualities of wearable technology we see a great potential of utilizing them in care practices where body awareness plays an important role, such as in psychotherapies for treating burnout and anxiety disorders, and professional caregivers for people with mental disabilities (assisted living). In these cases, understanding one’s own feelings and emotions better as well as providing caregivers insight into these feelings and emotions are essential in better autonomous functioning of the client and a more effective client-caregiver relationship.


  • Geertje Hofstee
  • Kaspar Jansen 
  • Kudding & Partners B.V.


  • Presentation Amsterdam CASA400 – November 6th