Design for Sustainability Survival Guide

“By now, you must have received a zillion warning messages that human life on earth needs to quickly become more sustainable, or else. No more of that.”  These are the opening lines of a new book by TU Delft’s Professor Conny Bakker, created together with Ed van Hinte and Yvo Zijlstra.

Hot off the press, the “Design for Sustainability Survival Guide” lives up to its promise by consciously stepping away from the discussion about why sustainability is so important and focusing instead on how to rise to the occasion.

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This pocket-sized book is a launch-pad for design engineering students and practitioners eager to innovate sustainably.

The need to incorporate sustainability in design projects is evident. However, going from ambition to impact is a challenging process. Improving the sustainability of a design involves a myriad of trade-offs; making a positive change in one area could inadvertently create problems in another.

Consumer perceptions of what makes a sustainable product may be at odds with the real-world data. Whether you are a designer, an engineer or a client, it’s important how to create a genuinely sustainable message without ‘greenwashing’. When done correctly, however, design with sustainability at its core is a force for innovation.

The pocket sized survival guide offers quick and easy access to tips, principles, strategies, and guidelines to inform the design process and help underpin presentations and design reports. This book is not a call for action but a go-to guide that will allow you to participate better in a pleasurable and rewarding activity: reducing humanity’s planetary harm.

Conny Bakker commented: “We hope that our little yellow book will help you rise to the huge global challenge of sustainability with knowledge, sensitivity and creativity.”

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