Registration for courses only applies to the Bachelor Computer Science & Engineering

  Education Registration Opening Registration Closure
Semester 1 (Q1 + Q2) regular courses BSc CSE students 15 Aug 2023   - 
Semester 1 (Q1 + Q2) year 2 variant courses BSc CSE students 17 May 2023 6 Jun 2023* (Students who are not first year students but would like to enroll for the variants, can enroll according to the procedure for regular courses which opens 15th of August.)
Semester 2 (Q3 + Q4) regular courses BSc CSE students 20 Nov 2023   - 
Semester 2 (Q3 + Q4) year 3 electives BSc CSE students 20 Nov 2023 1 Dec 2023

For Q4 projects with entry requirements (CSE2000 Software Project and CSE3000 Research Project), a separate procedure for registration will be held through ProjectForum in weeks 2.8-3.1 For the Q2 instance of these courses, the procedure will take place in weeks 1.3. Information will follow via the Brightspace page of the Bachelor Computer Science and Engineering.

*Registration for the variant courses in Semester 1 will be possible via Project Forum. If everyone can be placed in their preferred variant, you will receive a confirmation and will automatically be enrolled in MyTUDelft. You need to register for the last variant course in Q3 yourself in MyTUDelft (from November 20th onwards). If you are retaking any variant course, you can register for the course yourself in MyTUDelft when the regular registration opens.

Note that registering to follow courses does not mean you are automatically registered for the exam. For every exam you have to register two weeks in advance in MyTUDelft. More information can be found here: Registration for examinations (