Double Degree

TU Delft offers Master’s students the opportunity to compile an Individual Double Master's Degree programme (IDD). At TPM, an IDD is a combination of two complementary master study programmes. An IDD always needs to be approved by the Board of Examiners of both faculties. 

How does it work?

Each separate MSc exam programme must comprise a minimum of 120 ECTS credits. Of these 120 ECTS credits per MSc programme, at least 60 ECTS credits need to be unique over the total Double Degree programme. The complete Double Degree programme must comprise at least 180 ECTS credits. The graduation project can be a combination of both programmes and  - in all cases-  requires two individually separate identifiable Master theses, each of which meets the requirements of its respective MSc programme. A combined thesis does not meet the requirements.

Please note: in some cases an IDD is not possible because TPM does not allow an joint Master thesis while the other faculty always require an integration of the Master thesis. 

You must be enrolled in both programmes for the duration of the double degree. If the tuition fees for the programmes are different, you will pay the highest amount. You are personally responsible for enrolling for both programmes.

How to apply?

Consult the Master's/track coordinators of both programmes beforehand. If you want to take a Double Degree, you must make a written application to the Boards of Examiners concerned at least 2 months before the programmes are due to start.  

The request must include:

  • The application form Master Double Degree which can be found on the Student portal
  • A motivation letter that explains why you want to take the Double Degree and that demonstrates the joint character of the programmes.

Processing the request

  1. Student should submit the IDD form to the coordinating Board of Examiners (in general the Board of Examiners from the MSc programme were the student started studying)
  2. If the Board of Examiners approves the request, the request will be sent to the other Board of Examiners for approval.
  3. When the Board of Examiners of both programmes have approved the request, the student and the Study Programme Administration (SPA) will be informed.
  4. SPA confirms the IDD programme and informs the student.

You can find more information about the processing procedure on the ‘Process’ tab of the application form.

Please note: you are personally responsible for enrolling for both programmes.