Board of Examiners

The Examination Board of the Faculty of Technology, Policy and Management (TPM) monitors the quality of the assessment within all study programmes of the faculty. It supervises the enforcement of the Education and Examination Regulations (TER) and issues the Rules and Guidelines of the Board of Examiners (RGBoE).

You can contact the Examination Board for individual requests with regard to the educational programme and for questions/deviations from the educational regulations (TER and RGBoE).

The Faculty TPM has one Board of Examiners for TPM programmes: 

  • Bachelor - Technische Bestuurskunde (TB)
  • Master - Complex Systems Engineering and Management (CoSEM)
  • Master - Engineering and Policy Analysis (EPA)
  • Master - Management of Technology (MOT)

About the Board of Examinars (BoE)