Faculty Student Council (FSC)

What is the Faculty Student Council?

In the Netherlands, all students have the right to have a say in their education. That is why every faculty has a Faculty Student Council (FSC): a council for and by students, which actively ensures that the student's voice is heard. Through the right of consent, the right of advice and the right of initiative, the council members can influence the faculty's policy. The FSC always strives for as much input as possible from the students. Only in this way can we form a representative body for the students. 

What can FSC do for you?

The FSC is committed to providing the best possible education for all TPM students, as well as the best educational facilities. So, if you, as a student, recognise a recurring problem with a course, have an innovative idea about how the faculty could improve, have issues in your program, have recommendations for changes in the faculty or the online environment TPM is working with, please approach the FSC! 

Who is part of the FSC?

The FSC of TPM consists of eight students, of which at least one bachelor student, one CoSEM, one EPA, one IE and one MOT. The members are yearly chosen through a democratic election in May. This year (2022-2023) the FSC members are:

Veronica Aerden Chair
Vaibhav Kalia Secretary & Co-Commissioner MoT
Michael Glaser External Relations & Co-Commissioner MoT
Hajar Abjeg IE Commissioner & Green Team Coordinator 
Maanav Jhatakia Finance and Facilities secretary
Matvei Isaenko EPA & CoSEM Commissioner 
Sascha Isabella Koh Bachelor Commissioner

How to reach FSC?

All the FSC members are reachable via fsr-tbm@tudelft.nl If you want to stay tuned, don’t forget to follow our Instagram and Facebook (we also respond to social media messages).

The FSC is looking forward to your input; we’d love to hear from you!

PS: The privacy of students talking to us will be maintained with the utmost dedication. All the feedback you offer would be conveyed to the faculty on the behalf of all the students and not individually. You could get in touch with us personally, if necessary.