About IDE

Matching the evolution of people with the revolution of technology. This is the focus of the students, researchers and teachers working at the Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering. Delft designers act as a bridge between advancements in technology and the needs of people, organisations and society.

Having started out in the attic of Delft’s School of Architecture in 1969, the faculty has grown to in size and in impact. With over 2,000 students and a 350 strong research team, the Faculty of Industrial Design is now one of the world’s leading design schools. Affectionately referred to as IO (meaning Industrieel Ontwerpen), its reputation goes before it thanks to its strong links with business, public bodies and NGOs, as well as its 7,000 alumni, who bring their design skills to a wide range of sectors and disciplines on a daily basis.

The faculty has a strong sense of purpose. Delft designers are trained to approach design from the perspective of people, organisation, and technology, with sustainability and ethics becoming increasingly important considerations. The three research themes of health, mobility, and sustainability create new design knowledge and applications in these fields, as well as new tools and methods for designers the world over.

The faculty’s dean and alumnus of the faculty, Ena Voûte explains:

“Industrial designers are people who can imagine the possibilities of the future as conceivable, understandable and sometimes even tangible. Thanks to our powers of imagination and our strength in depicting new ideas, we are able to make the future more transparent for others, and help the world move forward. We help society to consciously shape the future.”


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