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15 July 2019

Maintenance Work Hockey Field 1

This summer maintenance work will be carried out on hockey field 1. The field will be renovated and equipped with a new artificial grass.

21 June 2019

Summer at X

By the high(er) temperature and the long, sultry evenings you can already tell that summer has started. You can also go to X in the summer holiday period. Are you hungry? Cafe X is open according to regular opening hours in July and August. Do you want to stay fit? A large part of the ticket hours such as Zumba, Spinning, Body Power, LBT and Power Yoga will take place, but please note, it will be a bit different from the way you are used to. Check the schedule for all details. The summer schedule is valid from Monday 1 July to Friday 30 August.

07 June 2019

A living campus: the Disc on Campus project

Since the end of May, Ultimate Frisbee association Force Elektro in collaboration with X, has placed three boxes on the campus containing a frisbee disc. These Frisbees can be used freely at any time to throw around and just have a good time. A nice break of your activities!

06 June 2019

Opening Contemplation Room

X recently opened to doors to the Contemplation Room: a neutral, open and inclusive space where students and staff can retreat, for a moment of private meditation or reflection.

04 June 2019

ICT News: maintenance weekend on 15 and 16 June

The ICT maintenance weekend takes place on the 15th and 16th of June. A number of ICT applications and services will be unavailable on Saturday and Sunday. Please take the maintenance activities into account when planning your work.

29 May 2019

Openings hours: Ascension day and Whit Monday

On Ascension day (the 30th of May) and on Whit Monday (the 10th of June) X will be opened as usual. However, the courses planned on these dates will not take place. If you have any questions regarding the cancelled courses, please contact the hosts:

27 May 2019

Summer Camps at X TU Delft

24 May 2019

Explore the New Exhibition in the Playground

On March 22nd, the sixth edition of festival ‘t Collectief brought a night full of amazement. From this week you can experience their various forms of art and technology yourself in the new exhibition in the Playground!

18 April 2019

As of 29 April: extra Body Power, Power Yoga, Pralaya Yoga, XCORE and XL Zumba ticket hours

25 March 2019

Limited parking space available at P-Sports

Work is starting on the construction of a new multi-storey car park at the current P-Sports car park. This means there will be fewer car parking spaces available here during construction. Work will start at the beginning of April and continue until the end of December 2019.