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18 April 2019

As of 29 April: extra Body Power, LBT, Power Yoga and XL Zumba ticket hours

25 March 2019

Start Q4: enrolment courses on 23 April

25 March 2019

Limited parking space available at P-Sports

Work is starting on the construction of a new multi-storey car park at the current P-Sports car park. This means there will be fewer car parking spaces available here during construction. Work will start at the beginning of April and continue until the end of December 2019.

21 March 2019

Train towards the Golden Ten

On Ascension Day, the Golden Ten Run is taking place. Do you want to challenge yourself by competing in a national running competition? Then come and train for the Golden Ten Run on Monday evenings, under guidance of an experienced running trainer.

21 March 2019

The beach volleyball fields have been opened!

Over the hills and far away, beach volleyballers come out to play!

13 February 2019

Elective MSc. Course in Art, Empathy and Ethics at X

Starting in the third quarter, 20 students are participating in an elective course; Arts, Empathy and Ethics. They are invited to experience and produce an art project around an ethical or societal problem related to the design and use of technology. Under the supervision of two artists, Thijs Biersteker and Frank Auperlé (both also teachers at X, Climbing and ACTlab project Watchtowers), the students will be better prepared to participate in the emotional-moral debate that is always associated to new technologies.

07 February 2019

Highlight: Bryan Lusse

This month TU Delft student and elite athlete Bryan Lusse is in the spotlight. Read about his preparation for the European under 21 Championships and goals in karate, here.

07 February 2019

Deconstruction Hall 5 and Hall 6 - Update

Hall 5 and Hall 6 are currently being deconstructed and removed. Due to the weather conditions, this will take a little longer than planned, i.e. until Wednesday 13 February.

28 January 2019

28/01 All fields taken into use

Update 28 January: All outdoor fields can be played on, with exception of the rugby practice fields.

25 January 2019

Start enrolment courses Q3: 11 February

On Monday the 11th of February at 10:00 am, you can enrol for many courses and projects at X. As of that moment, the enrolment for the third quarter of this academic year starts. Maybe you would like to improve your dance skills, master chess or perhaps you would like to literally seek higher ground and join the climbing course. Also, a couple of new courses will be offered, like InDesign and ACTlab: Interactive Game Design.