What do BBB, High Intensity, Core Stability and Power Kick have in common? You don’t need any fancy equipment, the workouts have no complex choreographies, there’re fun and there’re intense! You can basically do them anywhere: the comfort of your own home, in a park, at a friend or even when you’re on holiday. That makes the workouts very suitable to offer online, which is a real plus in this period of uncertainty.

The online workouts are offered under the common name: Bodyshape. The days and times are fixed, the instructor will be a surprise. Unless you check our social media of course. ;-) It’s going to be fun and sweaty!

The online workouts are brought to you by familiar faces: Henri Lemmens, Dayenne Sanders and Shamangi Kooistra. During the varied workouts of 45 minutes you train your entire body.

The focus is on intensity rather than complexity. Switch off your mind and go. You will become stronger, fitter and more lean.

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Shamangi Kooistra

Shamangi is al vanaf 1996 werkzaam als fitness instructrice bij een sportschool. In 1999 rondde ze haar Aerobics Fitness Nederland opleiding af en volgde tegelijkertijd een opleiding tot Body Power instructeur. Tussen 2004 en 2015 rondde zij opleidingen in Power Yoga, Pilates en Extreme Core Training succesvol af. Los daarvan volgde zij allerlei bijscholingscursussen op het gebied van Tae Bo, Bodyshape, Zumba, Steps, Body Balance en Yoga.

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Henri Lemmens

Henri studied at TU Delft and achieved his certificate for spinning instructor. He has been working at X for quite some time as Spinning, High Intensity Training, Fitness and Core Stability instructor.

Dayenne Sanders

She studied Psychology in Maastricht (BSc) and Groningen (MSc) and has many years of experiences in gyms, giving classes such as Body Combat, Body Balance, circuit training, yoga, Body Pump, Spinning, HIIT and boxing. She is energetic and motivating. Her lessons make everyone feel like they belong and they can achieve something at their own level. It’s all about the feeling the music!

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