The double bass is an important instrument in jazz and classical music, and you’ll regularly see one in blues, Americana and country ensembles. The double bass acts as a bridge between the rhythm and melody section and is essential for any jazz band, large or small. A good double bass player can play many different styles and has a broad knowledge of different musical styles and their swing rhythms. The double bass also plays an important role in classical romantic and baroque music and evolved from the viola de gamba (a 6- or 7-stringed instrument).

The private course is for players of all skill levels, from complete novices to advanced players. All participants can learn at their own pace and explore their own challenges. The curriculum will be adapted to your level and your learning goals.

During the course, you can work on mastering and improving basic techniques, as well as rhythms, running bass lines and swinging grooves. You can also learn to play with a bow, using either a French or German bow. Using a variety of exercises, accompanying music and other materials, you’ll practice and play your way to achieving your personal goals. Feel free to bring your own music and practice in your preferred style, including classical music.

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Boris Oud

Boris has played bass guitar and double bass since he was a teenager and has been in many different bands. Boris studied bass guitar and double bass at the Rotterdam Conservatory, before graduating with a bachelor’s degree in jazz with a minor in music education. After graduating, he continued playing in bands, but on a more professional level, playing guitar and double bass in various groups and musical collectives. Boris has been a session bassist with party bands at corporate events, worked as a studio musician (with Eefje de Visser, among others), performed on TV and played with various jazz combos in the Netherlands and abroad. He is still a highly sought-after bassist in jazz, funk, world music, cabaret, pop and rock scene (including Leif de Leeuwband and Sem Jansen). In addition to his career as a performing musician, he has been a private teacher for more than 20 years.