Have you been struggling to find the right place and people to practice your Dutch? We’ve got you covered! X offers a monthly Dutch Language Cafe. The focus of the Dutch Language Cafe is to learn from each other in a relaxed, interactive and fun way.

Tandem Delft has been organising Language Cafés for years to help international students with their Dutch. During the monthly language café, you will work on your Dutch through interactive games together with other international and Dutch students!

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Tandem Delft

Tandem Delft is a committee with volunteers from AEGEE-Delft and DISS, brought together by a shared interest in language and culture. In the past, we have organised Language Cafes to help familiarise international students with the Dutch language. Furthermore, we organise a yearly language festival with multiple activities, such as a sign language workshop and cooking recipes in an unknown language. The focus of the Language Cafe is to learn from each other in a relaxed manner, to make learning fun.