House Dance originated in the 1980s and is a dance style based on house music. You can recognise House Dance from the many energetic dance moves and the fast footwork. The roots of House Dance lie in clubs in Chicago and New York; it was formed from a range of cultural dance styles, including African dance, Latin dance, tap dance, jazz, hip hop, breakdance and martial arts. House Dance invites you to move freely, to lose yourself in the music and to express that in your dancing. It's a dance style packed with self-expression and freestyle is an important aspect of the lessons.

During the House Dance ticket hour you learn the basic steps, the different variations and how to perform them correctly. These steps are then worked out in various choreographies, depending on the level of the group.

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Noëlle Vosman

Noëlle Vosman graduated from the Lucia Marthas dance academy. After her studies, she started to focus on house dance. To her, house dance means freedom, connection and unity. Besides the music that plays a big role in the style, community is hugely important. A community to share, learn from each other and encourage each other in the learning process. Thus, together with friends from Rotterdam, she is building a community, HouseJamRotterdam. A platform where everyone is welcome to share, learn and exchange the passion of house. 
In her classes, she will mainly focus on feeling. House is a feeling and the steps come next. Sharing her passion for the style, music and culture is something she loves to do. Come and get a feel!