Mountain biking can be broken down into several disciplines, such as free riding, downhill and dirt jumping, which include performing aerial maneuvers. However the majority of mountain biking falls into the disciplines of trail and cross country riding styles. Mountain biking requires endurance, core strength and balance, bike handling skills and self-reliance. Racing headlong through the mud alternated with technical downhill challenges. But good mountain biking calls for more than just extremely high levels of stamina and a quality bike. Technique, concentration and enjoyment are just as important.

Student cycling association WTOS Delft organizes the mountain biking training session in collaboration with X. You can only mountain bike as a member of this association.Every training session starts at X, where groups are classified by level and the purpose of the training is given.

Training sessions take place in the Elsenburgerbos in Rijswijk or on one of the courses in Zoetermeer or Bergschenhoek. During the training sessions lot of attention is paid to improving your technique and endurance.



You need a valid X year subscription and association membership to participate.

X subscription

Practical Information

All levels
Closed training
You’ll need a membership of the association.
You'll need to bring your own mountain bike, helmet and sports clothes to the training sessions.