Pottery is a form of ceramics we come across every single day in items as teacups, soup bowls, jars, and vases. All these round shapes are made by throwing clay on a turning table before the clay is fired in the kiln at a minimum temperature of 1000 ˚C, after which it can be decorated and glazed. Pottery requires a lot of practice, but it’s an art that allows you to develop your own personal style.

The Pottery course for beginners teaches you the art of pottery. You learn to throw clay on an electric turn table and work on your own design, where there's plenty of room to experiment. You will practise until you’ve mastered the technique and are able to shape the clay into the object you have in mind. Following the drying process, your creation will be baked at a minimum of 1,000 degrees, after which you can make a selection from a wide range of glazes to decorate your work. Your work will be finished and ready to use after the second baking.

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Ellen Rijsdorp

Ellen studied at the school of Arts in Kampen and the Dutch Ceramics Academy in Gouda. Since 1991 she has been working as an independent ceramist.She sells her ceramic objects all over Europe and in China.  She has been a teacher in ceramics since 1992 and worked at different organisations like the Dutch Ceramics Academy in Gouda, VAKDelft and X. 



The Open Studio: Pottery is open to anyone with an X subscription who has completed a Pottery course, at any time when an assistant is present. All you need to do is register beforehand. For Pottery you register under Ceramics. The assistant is there to help when needed, to give tips and advice and to ensure that all materials and equipment are used responsibly and safely.

During the Open Studio: Pottery you are welcome to use the potters’ wheels and other tools. Clay, glazes, clay slip, pigments and plaster are available for purchase.

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The Open Studio: Fine Arts and events are included in the X subscription.

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Assistants available
Reserve in advance, the day before from 13:00
On Friday from 18:00 until 23:00 and on Saturday from 12:00 until 18:00