The violin is the smallest and highest-pitched instrument in the string family. Sound is produced by making the strings vibrate using a bow (‘arco’) or plucking with your fingers (‘pizzicato’). The violin can be played both acoustically or electrically, and can be recognised from its lyrical and warm tone that is indispensable in classical, jazz and folk music. The violin is also being used increasingly in pop music.

The individual Violin course is suited for everyone, from beginning to advanced violinists. The content and pace of the course is adapted to your level and learning objectives. If you don’t have any violin experience, this course provides an introduction to the infinite possibilities of the violin. You will learn to read music (if you can’t already) as well as various bowing techniques, pizzicato and how to play together with others. You will also work on your posture to make playing more comfortable. Experienced violinists can decide what they want to focus on, for example, theory, the background of certain styles and improving your techniques. You are welcome to bring your own repertoire to the lessons and study different styles. If you play in an orchestra, you can use these lessons to practice your parts and prepare for any auditions. 

The private violin course is given in two different time slots, in 30 and 45 minutes. The prices mentioned in the gray box on the right are the prices for the 30- and 45-minute time slot. In the webshop you can choose which type of time slot you want!

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Marina Meerson

Marina studied classical violin at the Royal Conservatoire in The Hague and obtained a master degree in performance at Codarts Rotterdam. Nowadays she works as a violin teacher at the Hellendaal Music Institute and X. Marina also plays in several orchestras and ensembles.