22/05 Summer Picking + Dinner

22 mei 2022 14:30 t/m 22:00 - Door: Communication | Zet in mijn agenda

Join us and celebrate the start of summer with a wild food picking workshop and dinner using picked food and saved products from Foodsharing Delft.

Are you interested in the edible wild foods growing around Delft? Want to meet new people through a dinner in which we cook the picked products along with products supplied by food-sharing? Then join us for the summer picking and dinner.

During the day we will be led around Delft in a workshop to identify and pick wild growing edible foods. Thereafter, we will meet in the Freetown Kitchen to cook our newly picked foods along with additional food supplied by Foodsharing Delft. You can sign up free for both the picking workshop and dinner, or sign-up for only one of the events.

Sunday 22/05 | 14:30-22:00 | Outside and Freetown foyer | FREE | in cooperation with Foodsharing Delft