Kip zonder Kop: Music & Art festival

26 november 2022 15:00 t/m 27 november 2022 01:00 - Door: Communication | Zet in mijn agenda

Festival Kip zonder Kop is a festival for everyone. Music, art, performance, spoken word, you name it! Stimulate your mind and enjoy!

Kip Zonder Kop is a cultural festival where we exhibit many different forms of artistic talent. Not only do we showcase many different types of music at our festival, but there is also room for dance, theatre and spoken word. It will take place on November 26 in Freetown at X TU Delft.

The atmosphere of the festival corresponds to the character of the association. Just like you can choose what your evening will look like at our association location, from peaking early to drinking 0.0% from the tap, that is also possible at the festival. There will be many different types of performances and exhibits and everyone can create their own experiences. The aim of the festival is to stimulate your mind and give you a nice day.

Line up: Bartje Biertje, Bunker, De nachtelijke escapades, Bleedroot, Rosa van Bommel, Intercity, Marit Nygard, music, theater, art and much more...


Saturday 26/11 | 15:00-01:00 | Freetown, dance studios and Theatre Hall | €15.50