Bird Spotting

13 mei 2023 07:00 t/m 10:00 - Door: Communication | Zet in mijn agenda

Do you love waking up early in the morning and hearing birds sing? Have you ever wondered which bird it is, that you see and hear around Delft? If so, come join us in this off-campus Bird Spotting excursion and learn more about the birds in our city!

We will go by bicycle* to the Delftse Hout area where we will park our bikes and go further into the woods, thrushes and wetlands by foot. We expect to see birds of these biospheres during this morning spring walk. We might run into some meadow species as well.

If we are very lucky, we may be able to see up to 45 species of birds. The teachers will guide you in where to look and what sounds to pay attention to.

Please bring your own binoculars or if you don’t have any, please ask around if you can borrow one.

*Bicycles are not provided by X, please bring your own.




Saturday 13/05 | 07:00 – 10:00 | East Square Bench | Students €2.50, Employees €4.50, Others €5