MSc Metropolitan Analysis, Design and Engineering

The Master programme Metropolitan Analysis, Design and Engineering (MSc MADE)* focuses on our cities and metropolitan regions, which face the challenges of sustainability and quality of life in a fast urbanising world. Issues of mobility and logistics, water and waste management, energy and food security, health and wellbeing are at risk.  Therefore, MSc MADE  brings together  multidisciplinary teams of students in Amsterdam to address questions such as: How to keep our metropoles connected? How to safeguard its vitality? How to aim for the circular city ? MSc MADE aims to provide innovative education and deliver excellent, interdisciplinary engineers with the theoretical grounding and practical skills to deal with the complex challenges of cities. The two-year master programme will be offered as a joint degree programme in Amsterdam by Wageningen University & Research and Delft University of Technology.

Degree: Master of Science

Joint degree: Wageningen University & Resarch and Delft University of Technology

Credits: 120 ECTS, 24 months

Language: English

Location: Amsterdam

Start: Subject to approval upon accreditation, September 2017

What you will learn

Students learn how to act in an environment where a variety of systems and networks shape the metropolis and the flows in the city, and where a broad range of human actors and entities are influencing the whole. Students learn how to create understanding by making use of new technologies, enabling a much faster and accurate use of data on cities, and at larger scales than ever before. Students learn the competencies of entrepreneurial and innovative thinking and acting in order to skill themselves as unique inter- and transdisciplinary analyst, designer and engineer in the metropolitan environment. In addition, tailor-made, self-designed tracks in Wageningen or/and Delft facilitate specialisation. Graduation projects are carried out in the second year. The living laboratory of Amsterdam supports cooperation with one of the private or public partners in the Amsterdam metropolitan region, or a more individual entrepreneurial project.

The two-year MSc MADE programme is a combination of in-situ and online education, a thorough training in academic skills and project work, connected to the  research portfolio of the two partner universities and their industrial and societal partners, as brought together in the AMS Institute.

After graduation

As an MSc MADE graduate you will be an expert on one hand and an integrator on the other, able to create synergy between specialists from other disciplinary backgrounds. You will be a boundary spanner at a firm or at a government, a pioneering researcher aiming for a PhD, or an innovator ready to start your own business. 

Application and admission

*MSc MADE is subject to approval upon accreditation and will then be launched in September 2017. However, it is possible already to apply for admission for this joint-degree programme through Wageningen University’s website:

Please note that one of the additional requirements for starting the master is that you have successfully finalised the self-paced MOOC Sustainable Urban Development, Discover Advanced Metropolitan Solutions, launched in March 2017. This MOOC is at the same time a good preparation for the master itself. You can show proof of this at a later stage by handing in the verified Edx certificate.


ir. Erik Heijmans
Educational Programme Director 

dr. ir. Maurice Harteveld
Educational Programme Director