A.L.P. (Arnout) Sabbe

A.L.P. (Arnout) Sabbe


Arnout works as a doctoral researcher with prof. dr. ir. Arjan van Timmeren, investigating the reciprocal relationship between large-scale infrastructure developments and its influence on metabolic stocks and flows. Furthermore, he will work on CINDERELA, a new Horizon 2020 project focusing on developing new circular business models for more sustainable urban construction.

Arnout completed his degrees in Architecture and Urbanism and Spatial Planning (with distinction) at the University of Antwerp, Belgium. His dissertation ‘Towards a regenerative city: rewiring urban metabolism flows in Singapore’ was written in collaboration with ETH Zurich and the Centre for Sustainable Asian Cities at the National University of Singapore.

Before joining TU Delft, Arnout held positions at the Future Cities Laboratory in Singapore and at Urban-Think Tank in Zurich as a researcher, and at the Organization for Permanent Modernity in Brussels as an urbanist.

In this last capacity, he was part of the core team curating the redevelopment and capping of the ring road of Antwerp, the largest infrastructural project in the history of Belgium. Together with Alexander D’Hooghe (director of the Centre for Advanced Urbanism at MIT), the team led a 1.25 billion EUR design competition, building a highly collaborative and common framework to leverage infrastructure design to create a more sustainable, healthy and qualitative urban environment.

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