C. (Caroline) Figueroa PhD

C. (Caroline) Figueroa PhD


Dr. Figueroa focuses her research on developing and testing personalized digital health tools to help individuals lead healthier lives. She focuses on tailoring these tools to the needs of underserved populations, such as people from ethnic and gender minority backgrounds, low-income individuals, and those with severe mental illness. Among other projects, she studies mobile apps that use artificial intelligence to help individuals manage their mental health and increase their physical activity. She developed frameworks to conduct digital health research through a social justice and feminist intersectionality approach. 

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Dr. Figueroa is a medical doctor by background, and combined her clinical internships for medicine with PhD research on the neuroscience of depression at the University of Amsterdam. She spent two years at the University of Oxford in the Department of Psychiatry. After her PhD Caroline joined the Digital Health Equity and Access lab at the University of California Berkeley as a postdoctoral researcher. Before joining TU Delft, she worked as a clinical psychiatry resident and researcher at the University Medical Centre in Utrecht.

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