C. (Carlos) Hernandez Corbato



Carlos Hernandez Corbato (1983) is an Assistant Professor at the Cognitive Robotics Department of TU Delft. Carlos is currently coordinator of the ROSIN European project granted in the H2020 program. He has participated in other national and European projects in the topics of cognitive robotics and factories of the future. Carlos graduated with honours in Industrial Engineering (2006) and received his MSc PhD in Automation and Robotics from the Universidad Politecnica de Madrid in 2013
In 2016, Carlos led Team Delft to win the Amazon Robotics Challenge, and was the recipient of a postgraduate scholarship from the Spanish Government.

Carlos’  research interests are related to  cognition and  autonomyand include: software architectures for intelligent robot control, knowledge representation and reasoning, model-based systems engineering and self-aware systems.


ROSIN: ROS-Industrial Quality-Assured Robot Software Components -  Coordinator rosin-project.eu H2020 grant nr 732287

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2016 - Teamopdracht 1: Robot Concept Designs
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