Ir. G.J. (Gaby) Gruendemann

Ir. G.J. (Gaby) Gruendemann


Gaby is a Dutch researcher currently employed as PhD candidate at the department of Water Management. Recently she was a one-year visiting researcher at the leading Computational Hydrology group in Canmore, AB, Canada. She completed a MSc in Water Science and Engineering with distinction with a specialization in Flood Risk Management. For her MSc she studied in Dresden (Germany), Delft and Amsterdam (Netherlands), Barcelona (Spain) and Ljubljana (Slovenia).


Gaby studies precipitation extremes on the global domain. This includes past extremes, changes in future extremes, and the seasonality of extreme precipitation. In order to do so, she analyses climate model output, and other large precipitation datasets. She has created a Global Precipitation Extremes (GPEX) dataset, which contains extreme precipitation return levels for 4 different extreme value distributions and their underlying parameters over the global land surface for different durations (3-hours to 10-days). These data are particularly useful for data sparse regions, and provide a range of extreme precipitation return levels in absence of better local data. During her MSc, Gaby studied the use of global reanalysis datasets for a data sparse region in Southern Africa as part of the Horizon 2020 eartH2Observe project.

Gaby welcomes collaboration from researchers, so get in touch if there are topics of interest.

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