L. (Livia) Brandetti

L. (Livia) Brandetti



Livia is an Italian Wind Energy enthusiast living in the Netherlands who loves to dance, cook and travel around the World. The starting point of her academic career is the BSc in Energy Engineering at La Sapienza University of Rome. The thrill of learning more about renewable energies pushed her to apply to the MSc in Sustainable Energy Technology at TU Delft University. She decided to follow the wind energy track and she graduated in September 2018 with a thesis on beamforming applied to horizontal-axis wind turbines. During her studies, she did two internships, one at the ENEA, where a rod calibration of the nuclear reactor TRIGA was performed, and one at the Heerema Marine Contractors, where she implemented a tool to use satellite data for operational oceanography. 
At the end of her MSc, she worked as a researcher at the Wind Energy section of TU Delft. In this 9-months project, she developed an engineering model for the noise assessment of a vertical-axis wind turbine (VAWT). The importance of identifying actual operation states of the VAWT from real-time data opened the possibility to start a PhD on August 2019. In a joint collaboration between the Wind Energy section and the Delft Center of Systems and Control (DCSC) at 3me, a digital twin of a VAWT will be created. Her research is also part of the Arkom-Tulyp Wind project sponsored by RVO, the Netherlands Enterprise Agency.

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