Ir. L.G.K. Spoormans

Ir. L.G.K. Spoormans



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Lidwine Spoormans (1977) is a researcher, teacher and architect. She was trained at Delft Technical University as an architect and architectural engineer and studied at Arkitekthøgskolen in Oslo. After working in architecture offices on the design of new construction and renovation of mainly largescale housing projects, she founded Studio LS, a practice for design and research in architectural transformation. Since 2010, she works as lecturer and researcher for the chair Heritage & Design at Delft Technical University. She organised a series of graduation studios on the topic of housing heritage and neighbourhood renovation. She specialised in housing renovation, building systems, intervention methods, young heritage. Researches she conducted include strategies for energy efficient housing transformations, analysis of adaptations of traditional Japanese townhouses, overview of end walls of Dutch housing typologies and a biography of the post-war housing area Ommoord. In 2017 she initiated the digital platform ‘Love 80’s architecture’ ( 

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