L.N.M. (Liselore) Tissen MA MA

L.N.M. (Liselore) Tissen MA MA



I am Liselore Tissen and I am an external PhD candidate at Leiden University (supervised by prof.dr. C.J.M. Zijlmans) as well as Delft University of Technology (supervised by prof.dr.J. Dik). I hold an MA in Arts & Culture and during this program I specialized in conservation & restoration theory and ethics. My main interests lie in technical art history – a branch within art history that focuses more on the material and scientific aspects of artworks - and the crossroads between modern technology and art. I am interested in exploring the possibilities technology has to offer for both art conservation as well as art presentation.

Consequently, my PhD research focuses on the applicability of 3D printing and 3D reproduction for the conservation of paintings. From a humanities perspective I will analyze the importance of 3D printing in the art world. This way this research will address the moral and ethical discussions that arise from the introduction of modern technology in the art world. By working closely with various museums throughout the Netherlands my goal is to provide both theoretical and practical ways in which we can use this reproduction technology in the advantage of both the material qualities of paintings as well as their importance as artifacts of human history without harming the authenticity of the original artwork the reproduction is derived from. To be able to execute this research and come to conclusions I will thankfully use the expertise of Art and Archeology section of the Materials Science and Engineering department of the 3mE faculty together with the 3D printing technologies provided by the Industrial Design department.


3D printing,  Ethics,   Technical art history,   Conservation,   Museum experience

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