M.A. (Mehtab) Khan

M.A. (Mehtab) Khan



'Ahmad' is my middle name and I like it the most among my three names; mostly people ignore it while addressing me. I spent my childhood and most of the teenage in a remote village of Hunza valley in the Northern Pakistan. As it happens for most of the young people of that region, I spent later part of my life in various cities of the country for education and work. One of the major goals of my life is to be an independent and self-made person. Likewise, I find it the main challenge of my life to be aware of  my pitfalls and balancing them with positive traits.  Recently, I moved to Delft, Netherlands for my PhD at the wind department of the Aerospace Faculty of  TU Delft. I work with Prof. Dr. S.J. (Simon) and Dr. D.J.N (Dries) Allaerts on Numerical Modelling of Regional-Scale wind-farm flow dynamics. 


  • Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) 
  • CAD Modelling
  • Stability of ABL
  • Wind Farm flow 


Mehtab Ahmad Khan, Adeel Javed, Sehar Shakir, Abdul Haseeb Syed, Optimization of a wind farm by coupled actuator disk and mesoscale models to mitigate neighboring wind farm wake interference from repowering perspective, Applied Energy, Volume 298, 2021, 117229, ISSN 0306-2619, doi.org/10.1016/j.apenergy.2021.117229.


  • MSc in Energy Systems Engineering, NUST-Pakistan (2021)
  • BS in Aerospace Engineering, IST-Pakistan (2017)


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