Dr.ir. M.D.M. (Mar) PĂ©rez-Fortes

Dr.ir. M.D.M. (Mar) PĂ©rez-Fortes


Dr. Mar PĂ©rez-Fortes research has focused and focus on the techno-economic, environmental and social assessment of emerging technologies (bioenergy, CO2 capture and use, and electrochemical devices). She mainly applies process system engineering and operation research methodologies.


Carbon capture and utilisation, CO2 and water electrolysis, industrial electrification, hydrogen economy, fuel cells and electrolysers, bioenergy.

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Dr. Mar PĂ©rez-Fortes received her Master of Science in Industrial Engineering (Spain) in 2005 and her Master in International Business Administration (Spain) in 2010. She finished her PhD in Chemical Engineering in 2011 (Spain). After a postdoctoral position in USA, she joined the Joint Research Centre (the Netherlands) in 2013, up to 2016. In 2017-2020, she was a scientist in Switzerland. Her research has focused and focuses on the techno-economic assessment of emerging technologies (mainly bioenergy, CO2 capture and use, and electrochemical devices).

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