U. Boatto

U. Boatto



Umberto studied Aerospace Engineering at the Polytechnic University of Milan and obtained a Master's degree at the TU Delft’s AWEP department with focus on aerodynamics and wind Energy. During his studies, Umberto did two internships at EXA Gmbh and Dassault Systemes where he used the Lattice Boltzmann based Computational Fluid Dynamics software PowerFLOW to carry out aerodynamic and aeroacoustics simulations for automotive and aerospace applications. His Master thesis dealt with the modeling of unsteady aerodynamic and aeroelastic flutter phenomena by means of both analytical theories and a fluid-structure interaction co-simulation. 

Currently, Umberto is an early-stage researcher within the Zephyr H2020 Marie-Curie Innovative Training Network at Siemens Industry Software. At the same time, he is pursuing a PhD at TU Delft. His research deals with the modeling of the rotor aerodynamics for horizontal-axis wind turbines by exploiting both low and high fidelity models. The modeling differences are investigated in particular for yawed and turbulent inflow conditions and under the effect of large blade deflections. Outside work, Umberto enjoys running and cycling, as well as cooking and traveling. 

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