Dr.ir. E.J.L. (Emile) Chappin


Emile Chappin is an Associate Professor at the Energy and Industry Group of the department Technology Policy and Management of Delft University of Technology, co-director of the TPM Energy Transition Lab, a senior research fellow at the Wuppertal Institute for Climate, Energy and Environment, and a pianist and conductor. Emile’s research focuses on the role of simulation models and games for the energy transition, energy system analysis, and energy policy.


Emile’s research interest is in the role of simulation modelling, in particular agent-based modelling on the domain of energy systems. In his research, Emile connects developments in modelling methodology to an understanding of complex socio-technical energy systems in order to better understand how to model, analyse and design (parts) of the energy transition. His primary interests are to unravel the possible long-term dynamics of energy systems and how they are shaped by energy policies, and in contributing to the modelling methods that address important academic and societal questions in this area.


  • Energy Transition Lab, Co-director TPM Energy Transition Lab
    An experimental lab with the ambition to perform innovative and interdisciplinary research on the development of new approaches, methods and tools for fostering an effective, fair, legitimate energy transition. From various perspectives and with various (multi)methods, TPM Energy Transition Lab studies behavior in and design of the energy transition.

  • Y-factor, The Y-factor for climate abatement
    The Y-factor visualizes the complexity of climate abatement.

  • SIAM
    Studying human behaviour in and between groups: combing the Social Identity Approach (SIA) and Social Simulation.  

  • Cheetah
    Provides empirical evidence for the effectiveness of policies such as energy labels or subsidies for the adoption of energy-efficient technologies in households, relying on representative choice experiments in eight EU countries.

  • EMLab, Energy Modelling Laboratory (EMLab)
    The energy modelling laboratory of the TU Delft. EMLab is a node in a network of open source projects, initiated in the TU Delft. EMLab is a platform for open open source, multi-tool, multi-model, multi-level energy modelling.

  • Electricity market game

  • FutureChargingProject 

  • NWO VIDI Resilience, together with Aashis Joshi & Neelke Doorn
    This project focuses on the resilience of cities and communities, especially in relation to climate change. Policy aimed at strengthening the resilience of cities or communities often involves new roles or responsibilities for citizens.

  • Capturing the societal value of smart energy systems 
    Smart grid technologies are considered to be important enablers in the transition to a more sustainable electricity system, as they facilitate the growing deployment of, among others, renewable energies. However, there are serious ethical concerns related to their use, concerning privacy, security, reliability, or affordability. To address these ethical concerns and avoid conflicts during implementation, there is a strong urgency to take moral values into account when designing smart grid technologies.

Emile Chappin

Associate Professor

Engineering Systems and Services

Energy and Industry

Priscilla Zwalve-Hanselaar

Research interests:
Energy modelling laboratory
Electricity Market Game
Energy transition
Agent-Based modelling

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Dr.ir. E.J.L. (Emile) Chappin