V.A.W.J. (Vincent) Marchau


Vincent Marchau is Managing Director of the Dutch Research School for Transport, Infrastructure and Logistics (TRAIL), with over 100 PhD students and 50 staff members across 6 Dutch universities.

Vincent Marchau also holds a chair on Uncertainty and Adaptivity of Societal Systems at the Radboud University. This chair is supported by The Netherlands Study Centre for Technology Trends (STT). He received a PhD from TU Delft in 2000 for his research on technology assessment in transport-policymaking. 


Marchau’s research focuses on long-term planning under uncertainty in transportation, logistics, spatial planning, energy, water, and security.

  • PhD-course on scientific writing in the Transport, Infrastructure and Logistics domain
  • PhD-course on theories and methods in the Transport, Infrastructure and Logistics domain
  • PhD-course on Transport Policy Analysis
  • BSc/MSc/PhD-courses on uncertainty analysis, scenario- development, adaptive policymaking, planning under uncertainty
  • Marchau V.A.W.J. & E. Van der Linde (2016) The Delphi method. P. van der Duin (ed.) Foresight in Organisations, Routledge.
  • Wall T.A., W.E. Walker, V.A.W.J. Marchau, and L. Bertolini (2015). A Dynamic Adaptive Approach to Transportation Infra. Planning for Climate Change: A San Francisco Bay Area Case Study.  Journal of Infra Systems, 21(4), [doi: 10.1061/(ASCE)IS.1943-555X.0000257].
  • Marchau V.A.W.J. (2014). Het zekere voor het onzekere nemen. Inaugural Speech, Radboud University, Nijmegen.
  • Yzer J.R., W.E. Walker, V.A.W. J. Marchau & J. H. Kwakkel (2014). Dynamic adap-tive policies: a way to improve the cost–benefit performance of megaprojects? En-vironment and Planning B: Planning and Design, 41(4): 594-612.
  • Marchau V.A.W.J., W.E. Walker, JA Annema & J. van de Waard (2013). Transport Futures Research. G.P. van Wee, JA Annema and D. Banister (eds.) The Transport System and Transport Policy, Edward Elger, 305-328.
  • Walker W.E., V.A.W.J. Marchau & J.H. Kwakkel (2013). Uncertainty in the Frame-work of Public Policy Analysis. W.A.H. Thissen & W.E. Walker (eds), Public Pol-icy Analysis. International Series in Operations Research & Management Science 179, Springer, New York, 215-261.
  • Co-leader of research theme ‘Integrated Decisionmaking’ within Institute of Management Research
  • Member of the International Society of Decisionmaking under Deep Uncertainty
  • Member of the Editorial Board of European Journal on Transport and Infrastructure Research (EJTIR) and The Institution of Engineering and Technology - Intelligent Transport Systems (IET-ITS)
  • Member of the Academy of the Netherlands Study Centre for Technology Trends (STT) & Chair of the ‘Netwerk Toekomst Verkenningen’ (NTV)
  • Member of the Council for the Environment and Infrastructure (RLI) –advisory committee on ‘Future Dutch mainports policies’
  • Fellow of the Knowledge Institute for Transport Policy Analysis (KIM)

Vincent Marchau

Managing Director TRAIL Research School

Engineering Systems and Services

Transport and Logistics

Cherelle Nieuwenhuis

Research interests:
Decision making
Long-term planning
Transport systems
Urban planning
Mainport planning
Autonomous Driving
Intelligent Public Transport

Additional information V.A.W.J. Marchau

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