We explore the biophysics and biochemistry of transition ions in biology. We study in particular the enzymology of metalloproteins. We also work on methodology development especially new hardware and software for EPR spectroscopy of biomolecules.


There is no life without metal ions; why metals are essential to the cell is our leading research theme. We are particularly interested in the mechanism of action of metalloenzymes, and as spectroscopists we have a preference for metal ions with color and magnetism, i.e. transition ions. The versatile Fe is our favorite, but we also study Mn, Co, Ni, Cu, Mo, W. In addition to biochemical experimentation we spend a considerable effort in the advancement of biophysical methods notably in spectroscopy, fast kinetics, and electrochemistry. With over 40 years of experience in biomolecular EPR spectroscopy we continue to develop theory, simulation platforms, and hardware for multifrequency EPR applications in biology.

Current and former educational activities

Prof. Wilfred Hagen

Emeritus Professor of Enzymology