Publications & theses

PhD Theses:

  • Dr. Peter-Paul Harks, defense 14-10-2019, Title: "Characterization and development of high energy density Li-ion batteries"
  • Dr. Zhaolong Li, defense 23-09-2019, Title: "Mechanistic Insight into Next Generation Batteries: The Story of Li-oxygen and Zn-aqueous Batteries"
  • Dr. Tomas Verhallen, defense 10-07-2019, Title: "Neutron Depth Profiling; Following the Lithium Distribution in Rechargeable Batteries"
  • Dr. Niek de Klerk, defense 31-01-2019, Title: "Simulations of electrode & solid electrolyte materials"
  • Dr. Alexandros Vasileiadis, defense 27-09-2018, Title: "Modeling Electrode Materials. Bridging Nanoscale to Mesoscale"
  • Dr. Yaolin Xu, defense 23-05-2018, Title: "Towards High Energy Density Li and Na Ion Batteries. An Anode Material Study"
  • Dr. Chuang Yu, defense, 05-10-2017, Title: ”Probing LI-ion transport in Sulfide-based solid-state batteries”
  • Dr. Miguel Ernesto CĂłrdova-Chávez, 14-09-2017, Title: “Hybrid Organic-Inorganic Polymer Electrolyte Membranes for Low to Medium Temperature Fuel Cells”
  • Dr. Raphael Alexandre Fredon, 12-11-2015, Title: “Optimised High Voltage Spinel for Li-ion Batteries”
  • Dr. Xiaoyu Zhang, defense, 11-11-2015, Title: ”In operando phase transitions and Lithium ion transport in LiFePO4”
  • Dr. Ziga Veliscek, 24-11-2014, shared with National Institute of Chemistry (NIC), Ljubljana, SLO.
  • Dr. Kun Shen, defense, 17-11-2014, Title: ”Lithium and Sodium insertion in Nanostructured Titanates”
  • Dr. Deepak P. Singh, defense, 17-03-2014, Title: ”A template for enhanced Lithium ion battery electrodes”
  • Dr. Esteban Garcia-Tamayo, 31-01-2014, “Advanced Thin Layer Depoosition of Materials for Li-ion Batteries via Electrospray”
  • Dr. David MunaĂł, defence 07-05-2012, Title: “Si nano-particles for a Sustainable Mobility”
  • Dr. Corrado Locati, 03-02-2012, “Interaction between High-Voltage Cathode Materials and Ionic Liquids”
  • Dr. Mario Valvo, 10-11-2010, “Electrospray-assisted synthesis methods of nanostructured materials for Li-ion batteries”
  • Dr. Wouter H.J. Borghols, defense 29-03-2010, Title: ”Lithium insertion in nanostructured titanates”
  • Dr. Loic Simonin, 26-10-2009, “Synthesis and characterization of tin and antimony nano-compounds for lithium battery applications”
  • Lambert van Eijck (2006) Local Coupling of Charges and Polymer Dynamics
  • Marnix Wagemaker (2003) Structure and dynamics of lithium in anatase TiO2 : study of interstitial Li-ion intercalation in anatase TiO2 at the atomic level [PDF]
  • Vincent Verhoeven (2001) A fundamental study on materials for Li-ion batteries [PDF]

International PhD commissions

  • Jordi Cabana Jimenez, July 2004 (ICMAT, Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona, SP)
  • Donato Conte, (Universite de Montpellier 2, Montpellier, FR)
  • Gabriel Orlean, (February 2014, Uppsala University, SE)
  • Binh Phuong Nhan Nguyen, (20-06-2014, University of Nantes, FR)
  • Boaz Moeremans, (26-09-2017, University of Hasselt, Hasselt, BE)